Friendship and Dreams of Individuals

These three characters all met one another at the same time when they traveled to meet Great Sage to know how to succeed in their dreams. Now they are forced to travel a journey of misery and hope in each other’s company.


truffles_front truffles_side

My name is Truffles. My name comes from my craving for truffles. Unfortunately, since I can’t bend, I am unable to actually dig around for truffles. Digging up my very own truffle is a dream I will one day achieve by making sure I get longer legs so I can finally bend over. That idiot turtle and poor naive bat are both my companions for now. We are unfortunately stuck together on a journey to find some growth medicine for my legs.

Wan Sui

wan-sui_front wan-sui_side

My name is Wan Sui. My name? It’s 1000 years in Chinese. Of course my dream is not to live for 1000 years, it is to live for eternity. That is something I will continue to strive for. That stupid-looking bat and fur-ball bird are my slaves at the moment. That idiot bat cries too much when people run away from him and that bird just rolls around trying to bend every time he sees a truffle. Well, we are on a journey to find my immortality herb so I can live forever.


vampy_front vampy_side

My name is Vampy. I look like this because I loved both Batman and the Joker and couldn’t decide so I tried to combine both into a cool new look to make friends since I never had any. Sadly, everyone runs away when they see me. But now I have 2 new friends. It is my dream to make 100 friends and now I am traveling with my friends on the road to love and friendship.